We are excited to announce an upcoming event featuring Swiss innovators and Key Influencers.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in our featured July event showcasing innovative Swiss people and Swiss connected companies.

We are producing this event in collaboration with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Los Angeles and Swiss Business Hub, USA.

It is our goal to move forward with purpose and energy, connecting Swiss associated people and companies through networking at strategic events.

Our community is speckled with Swiss influencers in the Entertainment, Technology, Finance, Sustainability, Food and Medical fields

and we would like to bring these bright and innovative minds together in a collaborative and engaging forum.

Please join us in celebrating our successes and sharing your entrepreneurial leadership with your peers.

We encourage you to support our vision by participating in this event. Contact us to find out more about how to participate in this event.

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2016-07-13 18:00:00
2016-07-13 21:30:00
Swiss Innovators
Swiss Innovators
Swiss Residence 424 S Windsor Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90020, USA
Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Consular General’s Residence – Los Angeles

Keynote Speakers:

SmarterBetterCities develops novel software for holistic urban planning. Their customers include cities, architects, developers and construction companies who utilize their 3D web-based technologies to assess opportunities and develop strategy for the cities of the future. Speaker: CEO Antje Kunze

GEORG FISCHER NORTH AMERICA – Piping / Automotive/ Machining Systems GF Piping Systems develops, produces and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components worldwide to transport liquids and gases. They are worldwide innovators in fuel efficiency, automotive safety improvements, liquid and gas delivery safety and precision instrumentation.
Speaker: Christof H. Blumer, Head Strategic Business Development Americas

SWISS CLEANTECH ASSOCIATION – is the leading business association driving innovation and sustainable policy development, worldwide. It’s mission is to support Swiss cleantech businesses in their mission to be global leaders in implementing clean and sutainainable technology programs. Speaker: Christian Häuselmann, co-founder

The creative minds behind Bagno Sasso Mobili and Swiss Eco Line, produce the world’s most sustainable faucets. They are a global, award winning leader in environmental innovation and structural improvements by developing water saving bathroom and wellness products.
Speaker: TBD /Contact: Susanne Heierling

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